Advance – Epsilon 9

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It is nothing special to introduce a flying-mad earthling to paragliding. What is special is to deliver the positive experiences and high feel-good factors of the sport that keep him there for years – long after the licence. That’s exactly what our EPSILON series does…

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Nothing upsets the EPSILON 9: with pitch and directional stability it forges on through turbulent air. Steering demands are answered precisely, without delay. These features combined are responsible for its defining fun and feel-good factor in the air, and as life-long partners of passive safety they share the credit for a long-lasting and uninterrupted enjoyment of flight.

Whether we consider the internalised Miniribs, latest Hybrid lining layout or Low Drag Stabilos, the marked EPSILON 9 performance boost results from intensive development work and subsequent technology upgrades. Needless to say the Intermediate also has all the expected state-of-the-art features like Sliced Diagonals, Advanced Airscoop and Double 3D Shaping.

Starting with wing size choice, then to line sorting, clipping in, big ears to speedbar: the EPSILON 9 is intuitive and simple to manage. The new Automatic Dust Remove even sweeps the wing interior for you while you are flying!

EPSILON 92224262830
Flat surfacem222.123.925.927.829.8
Projected surfacem218.52021.723.325
Ideal weight rangekg65-7575-8585-9797-110110-125
Certified takeoff weightkg60-7770-8880-10092-114105-128
Glider weightkg4.154.44.654.955.25
Projected spanm8.268.598.949.269.59
Aspect ratio5.
Projected aspect ratio3.683.683.683.683.68
Max. chordm2.592.692.82.93.0
Number of cells4747474747
Number of risers3+13+13+13+13+1
CertificationEN / LTF BEN / LTF BEN / LTF BEN / LTF BEN / LTF B



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