Syride – SYS’One Vario

R 800.00

Syride – SYS’One

Second hand condition very good.

Size 5.3 x 4.3 x 1.4 cm
Weight 19 g
Autonomy 290 h
Display Resolution 3 LED


SYS’One – micro-vario with sound and light

Small, ultra-light and yet it comes with everything you need: its low price makes it ideal for beginners, its extreme lightweight (19gr) make it the perfect companion for hike and fly pilots and its incredible reactivity and thermal finder make it ideal for competitors!

The included Velcro strap enables pilots to choose whether to place the SYS’One on their wrist, risers or stick it to the helmet.

No matter if you go hike & fly, fly tandem or enjoy soaring, the SYS’One is your ideal companion to get you up to the cloudbase! Its characteristics, durability and last but not least its attractive price make the SYS’One a real bargain!

Settings & Sensitivity

3 buttons enable pilots to easily set sound volume, and climb- and sink- rate thresholds on the Sys’One. For silent flying, small light emitting diodes flash at the same frequency as the sound. Paramotor (PPG) pilots and hearing-impaired people much appreciate the light mode!

To enter or exit the configuration mode simply press left and right button at the same time. Use the left and right buttons to select a menu and press the middle button to change its settings. Sound volume, climb- and sink-rate may be configured individually.