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The Arcus 6 is designed with a 44g/sq.m fabric so that it will also withstand the demanding use in flying schools. In addition, Swing have been offering the Arcus 6 in the “Compact” version as well, for pilots who have completed their training.

The Arcus 6 Compact has used Techtex WT 3020 fabric (40g/sq.m) since July 2010. This was first used for the Mistral 6, Astral 6 and Twin 4. The canopy weight is somewhat less, which means that the glider rises even more easily in the inflation phase and the pack size is much more compact. However, the Compact is not a lightweight glider as such. The glider’s longevity takes priority.

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Year 2009
Pilot weight 43-63 kg
Flight weight 60-80 kg
Wing weight 6.00 kg
Area 25.70 m2
Span 11.60 m
Ratio 5.25
Flattening 14 %
Area (proj.) 22.00 m2
Span (proj.) 9.00 m
Ratio (proj.) 3.73
Speed Acc./Base/Min. 50/38/23 km/h
Glide ratio avg. 8.35
Best sink rate 1.10 m/s
Optimal speed 37.00 km/h
Optimal sink rate 1.20 m/s
Class/cert. EN-B / LTF 1-2 GH


Demand for the Compact version increased considerably since mid-2010 and as a result, Swing only produced the Compact version from January 2011. Customers have the option to place a special order for the original Arcus 6 version with the 44g/sq.m material (delivery time of 3 weeks).

A completely new design, the Arcus 6 Compact (unaccelerated) complies with the requirements for the LTF 1 class (German airworthiness standards). It is ultimately up to the pilot to decide when to treat the glider as an LTF 1-2. Nevertheless, pilots need not go without the handling and high trim speed of the LTF 1-2 in unaccelerated flight.