Supair – Tandem Storage Bag

R 3,800.00

This rucksak allows you to store your tandem equipment in a ball easily and quickly. The rucksak STORAGE Tandem is perfectly suited for professional use.

Weight: 1900g
Colors: Black/Petrol


Designed to make life easier for professional pilots, this rucksak allows a quick, simple and efficient Bending of the tandem equipment.

Thanks to its capacity of 200L for only 1900g, it can easily store a tandem wing, 2 harnesses (pilot and passenger) and 2 helmets.

The closing of the skirt is done thanks to a cord, then 2 central Zipper transforms the pouf bag into a real rucksak which facilitates the passage of the gates in ski resort.

To gain in speed Bending, it can also be used without closing the 2 central zipper like a traditional pouf bag.

The materials have been chosen to offer an optimal resistance, with cordura fabric and high resistance aluminuim buckles.