Supair – Fluid Solo (S) Paragliding Reserve

R 10,550.00


New generation square parachute with maximum security.

Sizes : S

Weight 1490 g
Surface area 26.70 m²
Opening time 2.5 sec
Minimum Total Hooking Weight 60 kg
Maximum Total Hooking Weight 85 kg


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Supair – Fluid Solo (S) Paragliding Reserve

Compared to conventional models, the FLUID square parachute offers exceptional performance, in particular in terms of :

– very fast opening time (less than 3 seconds)
– low sink rate
– excellent pendular stability
– short line set

This means that safety is greatly improved in the event of deployment, in particular with no risk of throwing the reserve into the glider. Moreover, repacking the Fluid is simple and fast and unlike other square parachutes it does not require a specific POD.

– Sink rate : 4.7 m/s
– Opening time : 2.5 s

Gear / comfort
– Surface area : 26.7 m²
– Line length : 3.90 m


Supair – Fluid Solo (S) Paragliding Reserve Certification
– EN 12491
– LTF 9109


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