Skywalk – Tequila 3 M (90 – 110 kgs)

R 15,000.00

Glider used and in very good condition.

EN – B

Comes with porosity test/service doc.

Colours as per photo (grey/red/black)

Comes with backpack and concertina bag.

DOM – 09/2011


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Paragliding is all about the unlimited freedom of flying and the joy that it brings. We focused our full attention on conveying this unique feeling while developing the TEQUILA.

You have the freedom! Whether you’re a talented novice or casual xc-pilot: the TEQUILA is an excellent choice for many pilots.

The new 3-line TEQUILA3 is equipped with rigid foil technology in the leading edge.

Performance profits thanks to a more than 20 percent savings in drag. This allrounder wing coddles pilots with direct, simple handling and excellent launch performance. It’s fun to fly!

3 Line Levels

True 3-line technology with greatly reduced drag for more performance and easier line sorting. Three line levels from the risers to the wing without line junctions.

Hybrid Line Geometry

The perfect mix of Aramid and Dyneema lines maximizes durability and minimizes trim changes over the lifecycle of your glider. This optimal use of line materials lowers air resistance and minimizes weight.

Technical Data


Cells 44
Area flat (sqm) 28.8
Wingspan flat (m) 12.35
Aspect ratio 5.3
Glider weight (kg) 6.2
Take-off weight (kg) 90 – 110
Certification LTF09: B | EN: B
Winch towing? yes