PPG Bible 4

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The book features:

  • New or revised content that reflects current technology and training methods
  • Numerous diagrams to help make sense of complicated concepts and introduce some new ones
  • Explanations on everything from the engine to aerodynamics – in a concise way that encourages understanding
  • Zero jargon or wordiness – it keeps the sport simple
The 310 pages of clear and concise advice on everything the paramotor pilot will need to know to fly safely, including:
  • Launch and landing secrets
  • What’s risky and how to avoid it
  • Practical weather knowledge
  • Airspace knowledge
  • How to select equipment
  • Maintenance tips
  • Interesting things to do
  • Precision Flying
  • Winning competitions
  • Fully illustrated with full colour photography throughout
Version 4 is the most important update so far, with many parts re-written, improved, and with better illustrations.

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