Ortlieb Ballast Bag 10 L

R 785.00

Multifunctional water ballast bag.

The lightweight alternative to plastic- or aluminium bottles. The compact Ortlieb HIGH PRESSURE WATER BALLAST BAG with a fluid capacity of 10 l/340 oz features straps for fixation to a backpack or a harness and is made of tear-resistant and watertight fabric. Food grade coating on the inside ensures safe transport of your water. Thanks to the two handles being provided with buckles, the water ballast bag can be easily be fixed to branches or vehicles.

Multiple applications of the Ortlieb HIGH PRESSURE WATER BALLAST BAG 10L

  • Camping shower
  • Seat- or head pillow
  • Weight for paragliding
  • Buoyancy means for diving
  • Can be combined with outdoor filters for water purification and an Ortlieb drinking tube


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