Niviuk Nkare Bag

R 2,270.00

The NKare Bag lets you pack your wing quickly, maintaining it in perfect condition ready for your next flight. It is necessary to keep the glider in good condition to improve its operational life.

Size 230 / 255 / 280

Weight 430 g / 470 g / 490 g

Colour Grey


✓ Easy packing
With the new version of the NKare Bag, Niviuk makes packing into a quick and simple job, ensuring the integrity of the profile and the internal structure of the wing and ready for fully protected transport.

✓ Reinforced design
Designed to collect the ribs one on top of the other “concertina style”. This folding system ensures that both the fabric and the reinforcements of the internal structure are kept in perfect condition.

✓ Maximum protection
– Zip with interior protection to avoid damaging the fabric, which closes from the trailing edge to the leading edge, allowing the excess air to be expelled.
– Three adjustable straps on the inside (at both ends and in the middle) secure the glider in place.

✓ Convenient folding and transport
– Inner pocket for the risers to prevent them from coming into contact with the cloth.
– Internal and external markings for orientation and explanation, so that you can understand how to use the bag correctly.
– Two external straps to ensure the wing is compact and secure for transport and to prevent any deformation of the glider.
– See-through external ID pocket.

✓ High-quality, durable materials
A reinforced fabric of maximum strength allows the NKare Bag to be used on very hot and/or damp surfaces without damaging the paraglider.