Niviuk – Koli Pro

R 3,530.00

Designed for tandem professionals, this bag takes the concept of ultrafast packing to the max. Pack all your flying equipment in less time than it takes to read this page.

Size One size
Weight 1245 g
Volume 200 L
Length 90 cm
Width 65 cm
Depth 40 cm


✓ Quick and safe packing: a large main zip allows for quick and direct storage of gear, compressing the volume and interior load with a drawstring and adjustable exterior straps with buckles.

✓ Convenience and ergonomic: size doesn´t matter. Thanks to its adjustable straps, shoulder straps and ergonomic design, the Koli Pro is as easy to carry as any other smaller backpack. In addition, with a handle on each side, it can be carried by several people.

✓ Capacity and (ease of) transport: the key is simplicity. Glider, harnesses and helmets fit into the spacious interior and are well protected by the bag´s robust fabric. In addition, pockets and compartments permit you to carry everything properly secured:

✓Large internal riser compartment.
✓ See-through external ID pocket.
✓ External zip pocket to store personal belongings.
✓ Mesh side pocket, ideal for storing a GoPro stick.
✓ Main fastening is by elastic draw-cord.
✓ Internal plastic buckles to secure items inside the bag.
✓ Two external adjustment straps with metal buckles to secure contents and compress the entire bag.

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