Advance – Iota 2

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What is your cross country dream? To manage your first 200 kms? To land in front of your house after a long day’s flying, or just set off and see how far you can get? The IOTA 2 offers you all of the most important ingredients for these achievements: efficient performance and relaxed piloting in all conditions. The latest technology gives the wing an outstanding polar curve for its class.

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In terms of performance together with safety the die IOTA series is the most balanced of the ADVANCE glider selection. The IOTA 2 is especially impressive in accelerated flight with its outstanding glide, high degree of turbulence absorption and manageable extreme flight characteristics. Concern-free accelerated flying becomes the rule, with no exception – not least because of the C-Handle provision: flight control by C/B-risers …

IOTA 2 shows its high level of efficiency not only when gliding through bumpy air. Its pitch and directional stability also benefits the pilot when thermalling. The canopy stays in the centre of rising air almost as if by itself – without requiring large corrections. Brake line inputs are directly and precisely answered; response is smooth, progressive and logical over the whole control range. This not only saves energy, but makes thermal flying particularly straightforward.

The IOTA 2 merges SIGMA 10 development performance-enhancing technologies with B-Class safety requirements. The Performance-Intermediate boasts a state-of-the-art profile, and perfectly distributed canopy tensioning to go with it. Mini-Ribs, C-Wires, double-3D Diamond-Shaping and Sliced Diagonals are further ingredients of this hi-tec cocktail.

IOTA 22123252729
Flat surfacem221.823.725.727.729.7
Projected surfacem218.820.422.223.925.6
Ideal weight rangekg65 – 7575 – 8585 – 9797 – 110110 – 125
Certified takeoff weightkg60 – 7770 – 8880 – 10092 – 114105 – 128
Glider weightkg4.34.64.855.155.4
Projected spanm8.99.39.710.010.4
Aspect ratio5.
Projected aspect ratio4.
Max. chordm2.422.532.632.732.83
Number of cells5959595959
Number of risers3+13+13+13+13+1
CertificationEN BEN BEN BEN BEN B
Other adjustable / removable / variable devicesNoNoNoNoNo


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