Advance – Iota 2

Original price was: R 20,000.00.Current price is: R 14,000.00.

Advance – Iota 2  (27)

Ideal Weight Range – 97 -110 kgs

Certified Weight Range  – 92 – 114 kgs

EN – B

Colour as per photo

Manufacture Year – 2019

Condition – used /fair    has new line set




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The IOTA 2 is equally suitable for experienced cross country pilots changing down,
who are looking for more comfort together with a more moderate reaction to extreme
conditions, and ambitious thermalers who have their sights on long distances.
An IOTA 2 pilot flies actively, recognises the onset of disturbances and prevents
them developing, and is familiar with descent techniques. Then, the large performance potential of the wing can be fully
employed, and long distances attempted with safety.