Advance – Epsilon 5 (28)

R 20,000.00

Size – (28) – 78-106 kgs

Colour – Turkis (as photo)

Condition – Good

Will be delivered with service report.

The EPSILON 5 is placed right in the middle of the DHV 1-2 category and offers a very high level of passive safety. Thanks to the well known ADVANCE handling, the Epsilon 5 is a superb wing for long thermal flights. This wing will help inexperienced pilots realise their flying aspirations and take the first steps towards XC flying.


Size   28
Flat surface m2 28.10
Projected surface m2 24.21
Span m 11.85
Projected span m 9.52
Aspect ratio 5.00
Projected aspect ratio 3.75
Max chord m 2.95
Min chord m 0.68
Number of cells 50
Take off weight (pilot, wing, equipment) kg 78 – 106
Weight of the glider kg 6.4
Maxi length of the lines with the risers m 7.35
Min speed ** km/h 23
Max speed without speed-system ** km/h 38
Max speed with speed-system ** km/h 48
Min sink rate ** m/s 1.2
Glide * 8.7


The Advance – Epsilon 5 is aimed primarily at occasional pilots with a preference for thermal flights and helps them expand their flying horizons. The balanced ADVANCE handling together with the wing’s high intrinsic stability make lengthy thermal flights pure pleasure. The excellent performance increases the appeal of the Advance – Epsilon 5 for pilots switching from a higher class. The enormous margin of passive safety means that the DHV 1-2 glider can also be flown by talented beginners.

The Epsilon 5 is a superb wing for long thermal flights, its high performance making it ideal for cross-country flying. Because of its performance profile, we were able to reduce the aspect ratio, thus making this glider comfortable to fly for less experienced pilots as well.

This product has been developed under the supervision of Thomas Ripplinger, who has overseen both the development and testing of the Advance – Epsilon 5 by the following ADVANCE test pilots: Kari Eisenhut, Chrigel Mauer, Andi Aebi, Andy Hediger, Ewa Wisnierska and Steve Cox. The Team required 14 months and 12 prototype stages in order to finalise the Epsilon 5 as a wing worthy of the renowned Advance quality